Do you want to get rewarded for your exercise? If so, go to the new website and create an account. We went to the offices where they were developing FunGoPlay -- a virtual world that promotes real world play -- and they told us all the great things you can do with this website.

Once you make your account, you can design your avatar and even give it a name. In the online world, you can play sports games and "friend" other players. You should also become a member of FunGo to get even more items. If you become a member, will send you a free soccer ball and Frisbee. But these aren't just normal soccer balls or Frisbees -- they are able to detect motion. After about seven minutes of playing with them, the soccer ball or Frisbee will notify you that you have gone up a level. When you go up levels, you can plug codes into your account and get more items. This helps you motivate yourself to exercise more, become a better athlete or just get yourself in better shape. It is entertaining, and you will have fun while getting in shape at the same time.

Video game review: The Malgrave Incident

Be prepared to enter the world of a detective in the video game Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (Nintendo for the Wii).

You will find yourself traveling to the deserted Malgrave Island in order to help Winston Malgrave, the island's owner. His wife, Sarah, is sick, and only magical dust that can be found on the island can save her. It is your job to find this dust by solving puzzles and by traveling around the island.

Unfortunately, the challenges you have to solve in this game become quickly repetitive and can be quite difficult. If you are not a fan of finding a laundry list of items in a cluttered area, then I am afraid that this game is not for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy the "I Spy" books and like going on scavenger hunts, then you may enjoy this game more than I did. It is true that Malgrave Island itself is very nice to look at, and you will probably enjoy exploring it. The good-looking scenery, however, does not make the uninteresting puzzles any more fun.

--Kidsday Reporter Benjamin Berman

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