We are members of Operation Respect. Operation Respect is a club in our school that helps raise awareness and put a stop to bullying. We go from class to class explaining why it is important to be respectful. We want kids to know that being respectful is a very important quality. If the students are not respectful to each other, they may not have friends, and we don't want that to happen.

We also take part in various activities to make our community a better place. This year, we have been taking part in many drives, such as Operation Wounded Warrior (to help veterans), a toy drive, a candy drive and a food drive to help people in need.

We would like everybody to know that you should take part in community activities to help others.

Review: The Lazer Stunt Chaser

I tested the Lazer Stunt Chaser (Thinkway Toys;

thinkwaytoys .com). It is a really fun toy. I think you'll agree. This super cool, super fast, dual-sided car is a bit hard to control, so I recommend you read (not skim) the instructions a couple of times. And be patient, because it takes practice.

Aside from that, the toy is a lot of fun. The car comes with a charger and a two-height jump that can change into a bump and a flip stunt ramp. The laser the car follows is really cool. I give this toy a four out of a possible five and recommend it to kids ages 10 and older.

5 smiles

-- MAGGIE O'NEILL/Kidsday Reporter