My favorite ice cream shop is Snowflake in Riverhead. I met with Stu and Carolyn Feldschuh, and they told me that Snowflake opened in 1953. Stu and Carolyn bought it in 1988. Snowflake's ice cream is all homemade and very delicious.

They have your basic soft-serve vanilla and chocolate, and they have lots of other flavors in hard ice cream. Each week, they have a flavor of the week. One I liked a lot was Peconic Swamp Thing (chocolate ice cream with raspberry syrup and chocolate fudge).

My favorite ice cream of all is soft-serve twist (vanilla and chocolate swirled together). Stu's favorite is cherry pistachio, and Carolyn likes the Peconic Swamp Thing.

The staff usually comes up with the flavors of the week, but sometimes they take suggestions from the customers. They can also specially prepare ice cream if you give them a few days' notice.

Snowflake is the best ice cream I have ever had, and you should go find out for yourself. They will even give you samples. Want to find out more? Visit the website:

Keeping the beach clean

I did a beach cleanup with my Girl Scout Junior Troop 333. We cleaned up the beach so when it is beach season, it will not have garbage on it.

We clean up Jetty 4 (Lashley Beach) in Westhampton. We like to do this every spring.

Our troop cleans up the beach because we care about the environment. We divide the girls into groups.

We find things that should not be on the beach.

You would not believe what some people leave on the beach! One year, my sister found a boat heater.

--Kidsday Reporter Hannah Donneson

Now that's funny

What kind of shoes do frogs wear?

Open toad shoes.

--Jason Garcia-Werthner

Knock, knock

Who's there?


Cash who?

I didn't know you were a nut.

--Comeragh Sheehan

Why is the sun famous?

She is a big star.

--Molly Fadelici

Where do zombies like to swim?

The Dead Sea.

--Maile Santora