We do a lot of things at the Waverly Park Little Doctors Blood Drive.

The Red Cross comes to our school and sets up the blood drive. It is held after school from 3 to 8 p.m. The fifth-grade students volunteer as the little doctors. We get to dress in blue scrubs and act as doctors. When people come to donate blood, we check them in.

Then, we help them fill out their information. When the nurse says they are ready, we escort them over to the nurses. They are asked a series of questions. If they are healthy and ready to donate, we escort them to the donation area. After they are done we get them a snack. We usually have Oreos, crackers, drinks and more.

It is a fun day and a day where we help others in need. Last year, our goal was to raise 50 pints; this year, our goal

My mug collection

I've had a mug collection for four years, and I have 73 mugs. Whenever my dad goes on a business trip, he gets me a mug.

They are all different in size, color and the designs that are on them. You can never predict what the next one is going to look like. Mug collecting is like entering a new world filled with new adventures each time I get a new one. I started collecting them when I asked my dad to get me something from where he visited.

My dad built me a shelf, so that I can put my mugs on it. I love collecting mugs.

--Kidsday Reporter Pooja Shah

Surgery fixed my clubfeet

When I was born, I had clubfeet. Clubfoot is an abnormality wherein your toes are facing each other, and you walk on the outsides of your feet. Doctors had to put me in casts, and I had to go through many surgeries.

This flared up again when I was 4. What I remember is being in the hospital and always being wheeled around in a wheelchair.

Luckily I had a great doctor, and he was able to fix my feet. Today, I love to play sports, and I am fully capable. I am so glad that my feet are OK today because I do not know what I would do without my feet. I'd be like a chicken without its head.

--Kidsday Reporter Brandon Pekale

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