"Can't Touch Tee" by Lyric Culture, available at PetSmart, $6.99...

"Can't Touch Tee" by Lyric Culture, available at PetSmart, $6.99 to $8.39 Credit: Handout

Baha Men, call your attorneys!

Dog owners can now express themselves musically on the backs of their four-legged friends, thanks to new Lyric Culture doggy apparel at PetSmart. Cue the obligatory "Who Let the Dogs Out?"

"Dogs will be runway-ready in these cute clothes that give a playful twist to some of the hottest hit songs of all time, like 'Bad to the Bone,' " said Hanna Rochelle, founder of Lyric Culture, in a statement.

The apparel, priced from $10 to $16, includes canine dresses and T-shirts, including:

'MANEATER' DRESS -- Hall and Oates were onto something when they sang "Watch out boy, she'll chew you up."

'YELLOW SUBMARINE' TEE -- Poochie will love the fish on this T-shirt as much as you like the John Lennon and Paul McCartney song.

'CAN'T TOUCH THIS' TEE -- Please, Doggie, don't hurt them

'MATERIAL GIRL' DRESS -- This pink number will have the gals ready to live in a material world.

This is one way to toss fashion- and music-conscious dog owners a bone.