Cook's Scratch Kitchen & Bakery in Northport has two winners:...

Cook's Scratch Kitchen & Bakery in Northport has two winners: There's The Ham (pictured, $6), featuring eggs, country ham, Gruyère cheese, arugula and Dijon mayonnaise on a house-made English muffin. Both the quality and synergy of ingredients -- and, of course, the house-made English muffin -- make this a standout. Then there's the EC sandwich ($5), featuring eggs and aged Cheddar on a house-made buttermilk biscuit, with applewood-smoked bacon as an optional add-on. Gotta love that flaky biscuit. Credit: Daniel Brennan

Morning sandwiches are showing up everywhere.

Whether it's grab-and-go from a deli or fast-food chain or sit-and-savor at a diner or cafe, many a Long Islander's morning begins with a cup of coffee in one hand, an egg sandwich in the other.

What kind of breakfast sandwich are you clamoring to get your hands on? Here are plenty to whet your appetite.

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