Bagel Boss has relaunched its shipping and subscription box service.

Bagel Boss has relaunched its shipping and subscription box service. Credit: Newsday

Long Island's favorite breakfast food is on the move: Bagel Boss, with 10 locations in Nassau and Suffolk, has relaunched its bagel shipping service, including a subscription box., which was originally launched in 2016 by Andrew Hazen, a former employee of the bagel giant, was put on hold shortly after.

"Logistically it wasn’t working,” said Alex Rosner, general manager at Bagel Boss. However, it’s since relaunched in April to an overwhelming response, he said.

Customers have the option to order a one-time pack of 13 bagels for $44.95. Subscription bagel box plans start at $42.95. The bagel store’s entire inventory of bagels is available: plain, sesame, everything, pumpernickel, whole wheat and cinnamon raisin to name a few. 

The site also offers a variety of flagels, mini bagels, bagel chips, and black-and-white cookies among other products.

The bagels, which are baked, wrapped and boxed the same morning they’re shipped, generally take two business days to arrive and ship nationwide for free. 

So far, the duo have gotten the biggest response from Florida and California, but orders have shipped to Nevada, Wyoming and Oregon, Rosner said. "It’s scattered across the whole country.”

Live on Long Island? Find your local Bagel Boss here.

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