Beginnings Kitchen & Bar in Atlantic Beach has come up with a collection of cool concoctions with a kick. Watch Steve Langford's report. Credit: Newsday / Chris Ware

I marvel at the creativity and resourcefulness of LI restaurants as they power through the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. And I’m getting a kick out of the trends that ripple through the industry at what seems like an even faster rate than usual.

We’ve seen restaurants moonlighting as grocery stores, selling their meat lockers and wine cellars, turning their parking lots into drive-in movie theaters. Now we seem to be deep into frozen-booze territory, with Oyster Bay's Coach Meeting House offering drive-through spiked slushies and Lindenhurst's Restoration Kitchen & Bar making “adult ice pops” out of their signature cocktails.

And now, inevitably, ice cream has gotten into the act. The enterprising crew at Beginnings Kitchen & Bar in Atlantic Beach has partnered with Brooklyn-based Tipsy Scoop ice creams to fatten the frozen deal.

Among what I’ll call the restaurant’s “hard parfaits” ($17), are the Birthday Buzz (cake-batter-vodka-martini ice cream topped with Prosecco and sprinkles), the You’re So Cool (vanilla-bourbon ice cream topped with Breckenridge Vanilla Porter and a peach slice) and the Day Drinker (mango-margarita sorbet and raspberry-limoncello sorbet topped with Prosecco and fruit gummies).

Ice-cream sandwiches ($9 a pop, $42 for a six-pack) include the Bean Machine (vanilla-bourbon ice cream sandwiched between chocolate-chip cookies) and the Holdy Boldy’s Birthday (cake-batter-vodka-martini ice cream sandwiched between funfetti cookies).

You can also have your spiked ice cream “neat.” Pints are $12 and the flavors are cake batter vodka martini; dark chocolate whiskey salted caramel; spiked mint chip; mango-margarita sorbet and hazelnut coffee.

Beginnings Kitchen & Bar is at 1986 Park St., Atlantic Beach, 516-239-7483,

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