Port Jefferson's East Main and Main, will participate in the...

Port Jefferson's East Main and Main, will participate in the inaugural breakfast crawl with doughnuts. Credit: East Main and Main

Just a thought for taking part in Port Jefferson ‘s first breakfast crawl: Don’t eat the night before.

Fourteen restaurants and cafes in the village are taking part in the Port Jefferson Walkabout Spring Breakfast Crawl on Saturday, March 24, serving special one-off morsels such as banh mi sandwiches, omelets and triple-cream filled croissants.

The three-hour event, which begins at 9 a.m., is modeled on the breakfast crawls that have taken place in Patchogue in recent years, said Barbara Ransome, director of operations for the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce.

“It brings foot traffic to restaurants,” during a slow season, Ransome said. It’s struck a chord, too — all 200 tickets had sold out weeks before the event, but the chamber has added an additional 100 tickets to meet demand.

How it works: From 9 a.m. til noon, ticket holders must pick up their tickets and menu booklets from the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce at 118 W. Broadway, and then can start hitting eateries around the village. A $20 ticket gains access to six restaurants; $30, nine, and $40 to all 14.

Among the morsels being served that day are a triple-creme filled croissant at C’est Cheese, “holy cannoli” and doughnuts at East Main & Main, pork belly-filled steamed buns at Slurp Ramen and an egg and five-spiced bacon banh mi and berry smoothies at Nantucket’s Port Jefferson. Some of the items will be sample sized.

For more information or tickets — while they’re still available — visit the Port Jefferson Chamber of Commerce website. portjeffchamber.com

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