Efren Andaluz, aka Andaluz the Artist, has painted many murals on Long Island, in Miami and elsewhere. He had a vision for a Baby Yoda mural and found a taker in Isidoros and Georgia Galatoulas, owners of the Burgerology chain, who frequently commission artwork for their restaurants. Andaluz, 33, put the finishing touches on the mural, airbrushed onto the back wall of Burgerology in Huntington. Instead of holding a bowl of soup — as he does in hundreds of memes — Baby Yoda cradles a cheeseburger. Credit: Newsday / Corin Hirsch

As wildly viral superstars go, Baby Yoda's tastes are pretty simple, at least so far. The wrinkled toddler's first meal was a space frog swallowed headfirst in episode 3 of "The Mandalorian," the Disney+ Star Wars series where he steals every scene. In another episode, the battle between characters Mando and Cara Dune is interrupted by the loud slurping of Baby Yoda, who peacefully sips a bowl of soup while watching the fight. 

Baby Yoda cradling soup (or is it tea?) has since launched a thousand memes — so it was probably a matter of time before the bowl was replaced by other foodstuffs, specifically a cheeseburger, which is what a berobed Baby Yoda holds in a mural that has appeared on the back wall of Burgerology in Huntington.

"The bowl of soup is the image everyone has been putting around, but this is a twist," said Efren Andaluz, also known as Andaluz the Artist. Andaluz, 33, and spent several days spray painting and airbrushing the mural this week, occasionally in the snow.

Andaluz, who follows "The Mandalorian," said he had a vision for a painted Baby Yoda and pitched it to a few businesses before he found a taker in Isidoros "Eddie" and Georgia Galatoulas, Burgerology's owners.

The Galatoulas, who also own locations in Rockville Centre and Astoria, Queens, frequently commission artwork for their restaurants, said general manager John Falcicchio. "Georgia is always at the forefront of current events, and that's also how they come up with burger ideas," he said, and why Baby Yoda was a good fit for Burgerology.

There are 16 burgers on Burgerology's menu, but the one in Baby Yoda's hands (and that's about half the size of his head, just as it is in real life) is the classic cheeseburger, an eight-ounce patty blended from three cuts of beef, then draped in melted American cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles and house sauce. Though Baby Yoda wears his iconic robe, he also sports shoulder pads, an ammo belt and Mandalorian gun, which peeks out from behind his shoulder; these details are Andaluz's update to Baby Yoda's monastic get-up.

The mural is not Andaluz's first tango with viral pop culture themes. In 2016, he painted a 25-foot mural of 151 Pokemon figures on a Greenlawn wall; a time-lapse video of the artwork garnered hundreds of thousands of views. Andaluz said he plans to create a similar start-to-finish video for the Baby Yoda mural. 

Patience, you must have. Until then, find the finished mural on the exterior back wall of Burgerology at 308 Main St. in Huntington.

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