Ristorante BeSi, East Meadow.  (April 24, 2010)

Ristorante BeSi, East Meadow. (April 24, 2010) Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Two months ago, Newsday's review of Ristorante BeSi in East Meadow posed the following question: "While Louis & Marxx Steak House and Ruby's Famous BBQ Joint didn't make a go in this corner strip mall spot, the Singh Hospitality Group is betting on Ristorante BeSi to be the keeper."

Apparently, all bets are off: The restaurant closed last week. But hope springs eternal for the Singh Hospitality Group, which plans to open Long Fin Seafood & Martini Bar on the same site before September.

Executive chef Dave Salony, who oversees all the restaurants in the Singh Hospitality Group, said he personally will do the cooking. He described the coming seafood restaurant as “almost like Thom Thom (in Wantagh, another Singh property) but with a more American than Asian feel.” 

In case you're wondering, yes, a sushi bar is planned.

Stay tuned for updates.