The Flanagan’s Pub Blarney stone. According to the management, guests...

The Flanagan’s Pub Blarney stone. According to the management, guests are welcome to kiss it whenever they please. Credit: Flanagan’s Pub

It’s not news that there are dozens of pubs located across Long Island – and in the competition for customers, bars have been known to renovate, hire hot local bands or start serving the latest in cocktails and craft beer in order to grab attract patrons. On the other hand, as promotions go, the adding of a new rock – as in a real stone – is not exactly a typical move.

However, Flanagan’s, of Ronkonkoma, has taken such a route in order to supply guests with a bit of boulder to rally around, as the venue has installed it's version of the Blarney Stone.

Naturally, the true and iconic Blarney Stone remains in Ireland -- set near the top of Blarney Castle in County Cork – and for those unfamiliar with the stone’s mythical powers, folklore suggests that anyone who gives it a kiss will be endowed with the gift of gab, or the ability to speak articulately.

According to the ownership of Flanagan’s, its Blarney Stone has been imported from Ireland, and it’s inscribed with the following phrase: “Kissing the stone gives you the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness.” Guests are invited to kiss the earthen addition whenever they like.

The new rocky resident will forever remain a part of the pub, but its arrival is part of Flanagan’s Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day celebration; for more information concerning any of the spot’s events, visit

Flanagan’s Pub: 451 Hawkins Ave., Ronkonkoma, 631-588-9843.

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