Singer and performer Deborah Cox will be appearing at Sugar...

Singer and performer Deborah Cox will be appearing at Sugar Dining Den and Social Club in Carle Place on Jan. 12. (Jan. 10, 2012) Credit: Mike Ruiz / Spectrum Talent Agency Inc.

Singer and performer Deborah Cox has had a successful career, but among her fans there are those who consider her an R&B-based artist, while others look at her as a star in the dance genre. Her resume includes an R&B album that was certified as gold (500,000 units sold) by the Recording Industry Association of America (“Deborah Cox”), and another platinum (1,000,000 units sold, “Wish”) – but at the same time, the dance remixes of her tracks “Things Just Ain't The Same" and "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here” scored high positions on the Billboard music charts.

She has also acted in film and on stage, and on Jan. 12 she’ll be appearing at Sugar Dining Den and Social Club in Carle Place. Deborah checked in with ExploreLI to talk about her career, what she’s up to these days and whether it’s OK to think of her as a “dance artist.”

Hi Deborah! Great to speak with you. It’s been a while since you’ve performed on the Island. When’s the last time you graced the stage in either Nassau or Suffolk County?

The last show was in 2009 in Westbury (at GLO) when I debuted "Leave The World Behind". It was a great crowd!

Some of the dance remixes of your songs like “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here” and “Things Just Ain’t The Same” remain popular tracks on the Long Island club scene. Although you are really an R&B singer first, do you ever feel you are viewed by some as primarily a dance artist?

I have no problems with that if that's what you are asking. If all you know is my dance material then that will be your perspective but I have R&B fans that don't view me that way.

It is something that I pride myself in. I have many styles to perform for my fans. I believe that’s what has given me longevity. I can do a club, a theater, a stadium.... being versatile and doing different genres of music excites me and has afforded me the opportunities to perform all over the world, from the hottest circuit parties to The World Music Awards, perform with Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bocelli and tour with Cyndi Lauper and Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachlan, etc.!"

Do you have anything big and new in the works for the club community?

We currently have a song called "If It Wasn't For Love" on [the] Billboard club chart at #3. It's available on iTunes and the buzz on this song is amazing. (As of Jan. 10, “Love” is at No. 7 on the Billboard “Dance/Club Play Songs” chart)

Any surprises to watch for when you perform at Sugar on Jan. 12?

No, no surprises and if I had one it wouldn't be if I were to share with you now.

On a side note, you have even bigger area performances coming up, correct? Aren’t you doing the story of Josephine Baker on Broadway? Any details?

I will be portraying Josephine Baker when it comes to Broadway (“Josephine”). We are currently waiting for a theater.

Back to the nightlife beat – you’re no stranger to performing on Long Island in the past; any thoughts on the crowds, the club scene and the dance music community here? Anything stand out in particular?

As artists, we grow and change, just like our audience does. It is a blessing to have the audience I have...young and old, gay and straight; black and’s awesome to be able to bring all these people to the dance floor!!

Deborah Cox at Sugar Dining Den and Social Club

WHERE/ WHEN: 246 Voice Rd., Carle Place, 516-248-7600,, 8 p.m.

HOW MUCH: Free for women, guys pay $10.

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