SL East in East Hampton.

SL East in East Hampton. Credit: Handout

While nightlife on Long Island is a year-round, top-notch experience that draws thousands from as far away as New Jersey and Connecticut, few would argue that the Manhattan club scene is the most legendary, star-studded and coveted of all.

During the colder months, a visit to a bustling city venue will usually reveal an evening where an international group of patrons mingle with models, musicians and celebrities of TV and film. However, come the summer, that entire world ranges east to the Hamptons -- extending that New York-style personality to the otherwise sleepy South Fork -- a style that includes exclusivity and a great deal of spending.

True, many of the major celebrities that call the Hamptons home -- or one of their many homes -- don't spend any more or less time attending these functions than they would when staying in the Big Apple...but then again, plenty do. And if you would like a real taste of what occurs at these events, here's a solid night to try it all out:

The Chainsmokers are DJs that do much of their work in Manhattan. Members Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler play long sessions of electronic dance beats (known as "electro") mixed with house music to create wild times -- and when they play, they tend to draw some very famous faces (Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan and Ryan Gosling are just a few who have been sighted at 'Smoker parties). So it's no surprise that the duo will be playing SL East in East Hampton on Saturday, June 11.

The night starts at 11 p.m., and in addition, DJ Politik -- normally found in Los Angeles but tours the global club scene -- is also on the bill, as is Mia Moretti, a female DJ and bit actress who is also well-known as a close friend of  Perry (who is playing a concert in Ft. Lauderdale the same night, so don't expect her tomake a guest appearance this time).

Interested in attending? Reservations are always highly recommended for these parties (reach out via -- but whether you RSVP or attempt to gain entry at the door, it is a virtual guarantee you'll have to purchase table service -- and that will cost a Manhattan-sized, Hampton-esque minimum of $1500.

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