The view from inside the highest point of the Montauk...

The view from inside the highest point of the Montauk Lighthouse. (Aug. 22, 2010) Credit:

Nevermind the StairMaster or elliptical machine at the gym, or even that Zumba class. If you want a crazy workout, just climb to the top of the Montauk Lighthouse.

For $9, you can walk up the 137 very narrow, very steep stairs of the lighthouse. Do it in the middle of the day and you'll think you're in a steam room. Any other time during the day, you'll think you're in a sauna.

The workout is intense. Your calves will burn. Your lungs will gasp for air. Your glutes will twinge.

"I think I just lost 20 pounds," one woman said this past Saturday when she made it to the top.

At that point, when she reached the final landing, she discovered there were five more steps to walk up to see the view.

Those five steps are worth it. It is one of the most beautiful panoramas on Long Island. Here, take a look.

The smart play is to take this tour after 4 p.m. to avoid extreme heat conditions . . . and to avoid the $8 parking fee.

P.S. The $9 admission also includes access to the Lighthouse Museum which includes a pretty nifty interactive light display of all the lighthouses on and around Long Island's waters. Here's the contact info and details.

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