Matthew Bayes, 5, of Bay Shore, cools off in the...

Matthew Bayes, 5, of Bay Shore, cools off in the wading pool at Shipwreck Cove spray park at the Bay Shore Marina. (June 26, 2010) Credit: John Dunn

Bay Shore's opening of its spray park, Shipwreck Cove, drew in hundreds of visitors for fun in the sun at the marina. From standing in line for its opening at 9 a.m. to the bang of the Grucci fireworks, the event was a success.

Adults, teenagers and young children filled the gated park and kids lined up to get splashed by a barrel that continuously dumped water from above. The slides and barrel seem to be the kids' favorite, but the pirates definitely made an impression. Actors, dressed like Jack Sparrow, gave out plastic gold rings, participated in photo ops and showed off their antique swords and guns.

The kids participated in a treasure hunt at Benjamin Beach, field day events, arts and crafts, face painting and sand-castle building. Not only did the kids soak up the sun, but parents were able to listen to live music from Barometer Soup, a Jimmy Buffett tribute band, and Kutterz, a Jamaican-style band.

In addition to the constantly spraying water and barrel soaker, the park has two small water slides. The area is safe for younger kids -- the pool that the slides sit on is only 6 inches deep and certified lifeguards are never far away.

If you're not up for getting sprayed, the beach is just a few feet away.

Where: Bay Shore Marina

Hours: The park is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. The marina is open from dawn until dusk

A pirate flag set up at the pirate tent at...

A pirate flag set up at the pirate tent at the opening of Shipwreck Cove spray park in Bay Shore Marina on Saturday June 26. Credit: Newsday/Brittany Wait

Shipwreck Cove price: $5 per person (ages 4 and up) for Town of Islip residents with a recreation card; seniors pay $1.50 and children (ages 3 and under) are free. Don't have your card? You'll pay $7. The fee for nonresidents is $10 per person. These prices are added to general admission to the marina.

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