Friends toast at a women's night together at Sip This...

Friends toast at a women's night together at Sip This in Valley Stream on Bring Your Own Vinyl night. (Feb. 3, 2012) Credit: Linda Rosier

For many, the arrival of Spell-checker helped alleviate the anguish foisted upon them during several brushes with misplaced vowels and consonants throughout years of crafting reports, emails and texts — but perhaps one personal wound that can never be truly healed is the pain borne of failure during a spelling bee.

A good number of people shudder at the memory of standing in front of school peers, forced to correctly align the letters it takes to formulate such commonly misspelled words as “accommodate,” “license” and “rhythm” (not to mention “misspell”). However, a modicum of redemption may possibly be found at Sip This in Valley Stream on Wednesday, June 27 as the hip-styled coffeehouse on Rockaway Avenue presents a word-assembling contest of its own.

Starting at 8 p.m. the “Sip This Spelling Bee” will allow contestants (everyone must sign up in advance, and can do so anytime prior, even over the phone) to take turns taking on the spelling correctly of whatever words the event leader presents. There’s no charge to enter, and the winner lands a $10 gift certificate to spend in-store, so for all those who sneer at the rest of us who count on the watchful eye of MS Word — this is your chance to prove you need no help in matters such as when to put the “i” before the “e.”

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