In case you were wondering what all those cars were doing parked along both sides of Merrick Road near Route 135 over the weekend, it looks like there's a hot new bar -- The Leaky Lifeboat

Despite the simple black-and-white sign hanging over a plain exterior, there is more here than meets the eye.

For example, the name -- Leaky Lifeboat -- is taken from the title of a song by the experimental rock band Sonic Youth, a message to those in the know that this bar takes music seriously. Another unexpected touch is the house jukebox, programmed with several lesser-known bands. The bartending staff, a friendly lot who happen to have a lot of tattoos and wear a lot of black, appear to be genuine fans of the rock scene.

The look of the interior is also a departure from the average neighborhood pub. While there is foosball and darts, the walls are decorated with homemade cigar-box guitars and small pieces of simple, colorful art.

Need one more piece of proof that this spot may be a burgeoning star on the nightlife circuit? The place was completely packed with a young, bustling crowd for its grand opening weekend, and as local bars go, that doesn't happen all that often.

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