Shrimp are grilled over a high flame for a salad...

Shrimp are grilled over a high flame for a salad of grilled corn, avocado and shrimp. (May 4, 2011) Credit: Doug Young

George Martin, the long-standing American bistro in Rockville Centre, has updated and revised its dinner menu.

Additions include sweet-and-spicy pork shanks, or "maple-Buffalo glazed piggy 'wings';" butternut squash ravioli; lobster ravioli with shrimp; rigatoni with sweet-and-savory veal meatballs; rigatoni with crumbled fennel sausage; and chimichurri-grilled skirt steak.

Appetizers are $9 to $16; salads, $7 to $11; sandwiches, $14 to $18; pastas, $18 to $22; main dishes, $21 to $28; and steaks, $29 to $45.

George Martin, 65 N. Park Ave., Rockville Centre; 516-678-7272.



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