Panir sabzi at Ravagh Persian Grill, Huntington

Panir sabzi at Ravagh Persian Grill, Huntington

Ravagh Persian Grill brings something new to Huntington's table: Persian cuisine. For the past two weeks, the restaurant (which has a branch in Roslyn Heights and two in Manhattan) has been serving up kebabs and stews in the space that last housed Blond. Massive portions, minimal prices.

I stopped in for lunch, recently, and found the long, narrow room decorated in subdued earth tones, with pretty copper-toned hangings on the wall.

Warm pita bread came with two condiments, one a spicy green cilantro-garlic-scallion mix, the other a cooling yogurt dip.  A big hit was burani bademjan, mellow fried sliced eggplant with a vibrant tomato sauce drizzled with yogurt. Vibrancy characterized the naked (no dressing) panir sabzi, a mixture of fresh herbs- mint, tarragon, basil and scallions with tangy French feta cheese. In comparison, the more colorful Shirazi salad (diced cucumber, pale chopped tomatoes, onion and parsley) seemed somewhat wan.

Amazing juicy andd spicy lamb chops came four to an order — at  only $15 at lunch. Running a close second was jujeh kebab ($12), bone-in Cornish hen marinated in a lemon saffron mixture before being chargrilled. Note that prices are a little higher at dinner.

Ravagh, which means "sanctuary,'' is at 355 Main St., Huntington, 631-923-2050 and 210 Mineola Ave., Roslyn Heights, 516-484-7100.

Pictured: Panir sabzi at Ravagh Persian Grill, Huntington