You can't go wrong with tacos at Little Mexico in...

You can't go wrong with tacos at Little Mexico in Westbury. Here, left to right, tacos of lengua (tongue), pork (pastor) and chorizo (sausage). (July 5, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

I’m impressionable when hungry. Last week I overheard the word “taco” and immediately started thinking about where I could get same for dinner on my way home. Central Nassau is a little light in the taco department, but it does boast one surefire taco hit, Little Mexico in Westbury. (Click here for a list of other good tacos on Long Island.)

My pal and I both got exactly the same three tacos, lengua (tongue), al pastor (grilled pork) and chorizo sausage; everything was terrific, though pastor always makes me wistful for vacations in Mexico where al pastor signifies pork that has been grilled, gyro-style, on a rotating vertical column in front of a heat source. This is something I’ve never found on Long Island.

Another thing I love about tacos al pastor is the garnish — onions, cilantro and, of all things, pineapple. This, Little Mexico delivered on.

While we waited for our tacos, I consumed far too much guacamole.  So it goes.

Little Mexico is at 280 Post Ave., Westbury, 516-333-2038.

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