Dominican Restaurant 5 is located at 1897 Deer Park Ave....

Dominican Restaurant 5 is located at 1897 Deer Park Ave. in Deer Park. (Aug. 28, 2012) Credit: Doug Young

Maybe you’re not in a relationship, maybe you’re mad at your partner, maybe you’re just sick of Valentine’s Day. For you we have compiled this list of Long Island’s least romantic restaurants.  

Bigelow’s in Rockville Centre. Eating at a counter is the very antithesis of romantic dining; it’s best done alone and, even if you’re with someone, you needn’t look at him because everyone's attention here is focused on the fryolators around which the counter wraps. Also, the fried Ipswich clams are so dreamy, you’re apt to forget about your date. Bigelow's is at 79 N. Long Beach Rd., Rockville Centre, 516-678-3878.

Kensington Kosher Deli in Great Neck. First, there’s the counter again. But delis in general always strike me as deeply unromantic. Perhaps because they call to mind my Grandpa Sam, a singularly unromantic figure (even to my Grandma Selma). And anyway, is there anything less romantic than pastrami on rye? Is there any drink  less seductive than Dr. Brown’s Cel Ray? Kensington Deli is at 27A Middle Neck Rd., Great Neck, 516-487-2410.

The food court at V&T, Hempstead. The decor is a little down from bus depot, but this is the best place on Long Island to get authentic Chinese roast meats — chickens, ducks, char siu, roast pork. Afterward, you can stroll (alone) into the neighboring supermarket and peruse aisle upon aisle of arcane Asian greens, plus live eels and frogs. V&T Market is at 12 N. Franklin St., Hempstead, 516-481-1133.

Dominican Restaurant 5 in Deer Park. Is it the glowing neon lights? The huge hunks of meat in steam-table trays? The fridge full of cold sodas? All of Long Island’s numbered Dominican Restaurants offer big portions of good food at a great price, but none is particularly long on romance. My colleague Joan Reminick felt that Dominican Restaurant 5 in Deer Park had even less ambience than Dominican Restaurant 2 in Uniondale or Dominican Restaurant 4 in Farmingdale. Dominican Restaurant 5 is at 1897 Deer Park Ave., Deer Park, 631-940-9783.

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