Toku, the three-star Asian restaurant, has pitched a stylish tent in front of the main entrance for outdoor dining, annexing four parking spaces at the Americana shopping center.

It gives the eatery an alfresco angle, dovetailing with the edge-of-the-lot scene at Cipollini, the Italianate place at the eastern end and south side of the strip. But Toku's is considerably more sedate.

Inside or out, Toku still excels with its lobster tacos and teriyaki sliders, miso black cod and soy-sesame chicken, sushi rolls and sashimi. You'll also enjoy the beef salad with green papaya, though its Vietnamese dipping sauce could use a spark. The Beijing duck salad, with frisee, candied oranges and crisp scallions needs a bit more crunch.

Toku is at 2014C Northern Blvd., facing north, in the Americana; 516-627-8658.

Meantime, inside ...