Regal Deli in Plainview, NY.

Regal Deli in Plainview, NY. Credit: Photo by Donna Alberico

Regal occupies the Western half of a wonderful 60s-style building that calls to mind the soaring architecture of Eero Saarinen--though this free-standing structure on the busy corner of Old Country Road and Manetto Hill road looks distinctly grounded. The Eastern half of the building is Marcello European Tailor, and it doesn't look like much has changed at either establishment since Regal opened in 1966. Inside, seasoned professionals make overstuffed sandwiches of pastrami and corned beef, create platters of Roumanian steak, potted meatballs, flanken and chicken fricassee. Other seasoned professionals serve with verve and snap. There is also a nice selection of mezuzahs and other religious artifacts just across from the cashier. 

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