Restoration Kitchen in Lindenhurst is making "adult ice pops" by...

Restoration Kitchen in Lindenhurst is making "adult ice pops" by freezing some of their most popular cocktails. Credit: Billy Miller

It was a logical next step from pouch cocktails, and possibly even more evocative. “We were already packaging our drinks in those Capri Sun bags,” said Billy Miller, co-owner of Restoration Kitchen in Lindenhurst. “My wife Nicole said, ‘why not make our cocktails into Popsicles?'”

With the restaurant’s newly minted “adult ice pops,” the Millers and their crew are “trying to take you back to that childhood Creamsicle in the backyard.”

Good Humor has nothing on this Creamsicle, which is made with Reyka Icelandic vodka, housemade coconut-vanilla syrup and fresh-squeezed orange juice. The other three flavors are lavender lemonade (Hendricks gin, housemade lavender syrup, fresh-squeezed lemon juice and club soda) the Oddfellow (Reyka Icelandic vodka, homemade blueberry syrup, fresh squeezed lime juice and club soda) and strawberry margarita (self explanatory).

The ice pops are not frozen around a wooden stick, but rather are to be pushed through the top opening of their plastic sleeves.

The first round of ice pops went live on Saturday and promptly sold out, ditto Sunday. The Millers are tripling their production this week. Unlike cocktails, extras can be stored in the freezer.

Pops come four to an order ($13), either all one variety or a mixed pack of all four. There is delivery (along with food) for customers within five miles of the restaurant. Otherwise, come by with a cooler and pick them up.

Restoration Kitchen & Cocktails is at 49 E Hoffman Ave., Lindenhurst, 631-592-1905,

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