Angry shrimp over zucchini noodles is a signature dish served...

Angry shrimp over zucchini noodles is a signature dish served at Abeetza Next Door in Greenvale. Credit: Barbara Alper

Shrimp is by far the most popular seafood in America. Because of its neutral flavor, the shellfish appeals to a broad cross-section of people and works well in countless preparations.

Here are four restaurants on Long Island serving shrimp dishes worth seeking out:.

ABEETZA NEXT DOOR, 82 Glen Cove Rd., Greenvale, 516-484-3123

Angry shrimp, a popular item at this fine Italian newcomer, features plump shellfish in a fiery marinara sauce. You can get it over house-made pasta or -- a house specialty -- over zucchini "noodles" that are actually raw zucchini ribbons briefly sauteed.

MAVI GRILL & DELI, 749 Mount Sinai-Coram Rd., Mount Sinai, 631-509-4866

This attractive Turkish spot serves a standout shrimp sandwich featuring chargrilled spiced shellfish stuffed into a pita with lettuce, tomato and yogurt sauce.

BISCUITS & BARBEQUE, 106 E. Second St., Mineola, 516-493-9797

A Southern favorite, shrimp and grits is an option worth ordering at this Southern-Cajun-BBQ spot in a vintage diner. Plump blackened shellfish are drizzled with barbecue sauce and served on a pillow of buttery grits.

STORYVILLE, 43 Green St. Huntington, 631-351-3446

Chef Brian Finn aims to pay tribute to many of New Orleans' classics and suceeds with his "fire and rice" jambalaya with plump shrimp, tomato, ham, smoked and andouille sausages, a dish as electrifying as it is comforting.

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