At Harbor Mist in Cold Spring Harbor, a lobster special...

At Harbor Mist in Cold Spring Harbor, a lobster special features a steamed 2-pound lobster. (July 26, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

When it comes to lobster specials, I go for size over sides. A 1¼-pound lobster does nothing for me, and its appeal isn’t enhanced all that much by a Caesar salad, a cup of chowder, an ear of corn, a baked potato. So I was kindly disposed toward Harbor Mist, the Cold Spring Harbor restaurant that offers a 2-pound lobster dinner special Sunday through Thursday nights for $29.95.

My lobster wasn’t entirely unaccompanied; it came with some julienned zucchini and carrots that seemed to be concealing a steamed potato. I can’t say for sure because I barely looked at the vegetables, so fixed was my attention on the steamed bruiser I was served. Not only was he big, but also sweet of meat and hard of shell. (It was a he; his lack of roe was his only failing.)

Just as pleasing as the lobster was the scene at Harbor Mist. The airy dining room has a stunning view of Cold Spring Harbor, and as we ate, the sun set over the bobbing boats. Initially we were seated a few yards from the huge windows, but shortly afterward, a window-side table was vacated and the maitre d' suggested we move. Throughout the meal, he and all the servers were unfailingly accommodating.

Harbor Mist is at 105 Harbor Rd., Cold Spring Harbor, 631-659-3888

Speaking of 2-pounders, Nicholas James Bistro (2057 Merrick Rd., Merrick, 516-546-4805) serves them on Thursday evenings, along with a salad and sides, for 36.95. Click here for more 2-pound specials.

Lobster special at Harbor Mist