It's a pancake. It's a frittata. It's Southern India's answer...

It's a pancake. It's a frittata. It's Southern India's answer to both, the uttapam, and House of Dosas in Hicksville serves a mixed-vegetable version that is pillowy and comforting. Credit: Jeremy Bales

If you are one of those diners who would rather not partake of meat, here are four eateries that can serve you well.

LITTLE FU'S, 1739 Peninsula Blvd. (King Kullen shopping center), Hewlett, 516-295-2888

Vegetarians can order from a separate menu at this friendly Chinese-Japanese restaurant. Vegetarian wonton soup features spinach dumplings in vegetable broth. Faux meat (made from soy and wheat protein) shows up in Sichuan-style vegetarian beef or chicken with hot peppers and peanuts.

HOUSE OF DOSAS, 416 S. Broadway, Hicksville, 516-938-7517

This exclusively vegetarian spot specializes in namesake dosas (rice crepes) filled with potatoes and/or vegetables -- and a lot more. Try the bhel puri, a popular street snack made with puffed rice. The mixed vegetable uthappam -- a pillowy rice and lentil flour pancake -- has most of the same ingredients as a dosa.

TIGER LILY CAFE, 156 E. Main St., Port Jefferson, 631-476-7080

Vegans and vegetarians are part of the devoted clientele at this counter-service cafe. Try the Napoleon-like version of eggplant Parmigiana or the fine grilled veggie burger on a whole-wheat roll or the falafel wrap.

VEGE FAVOR, 496 Main St. Islip, 631-650-7788

The airy, attractive counter-service place is one of the few exclusively vegetarian restaurants on Long Island. Vegans, too, have lots to choose from. The rule here is that "chicken" and "beef" are made of soy products and that nothing served contains gluten, MSG or anything that's been genetically modified.

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