A tiny hamster enjoys a Thanksgiving meal in "A Tiny...

A tiny hamster enjoys a Thanksgiving meal in "A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving." Credit: YouTube

The tiny hamsters are at it again. This time they're wearing tiny top hats while enjoying a tiny Thanksgiving meal. 

Farley Elliott, Eater LA food writer, dresses up in pilgrim attire as he prepares a teeny Thanksgiving feast that doesn't leave out any of the trimmings. 

He nervously bastes a miniature turkey, scoops out just enough cranberry sauce, rolls out pie crust with a toothpick and presents the meal on poker chip plates for the hamsters to enjoy. 

Perhaps we can expect a teeny Christmas feast in these hamsters' future? 

(App users, watch the latest installment of the tiny hamster series by clicking on the link above.)


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