These gilded trinket boxes are the perfect favor for a...

These gilded trinket boxes are the perfect favor for a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding.

Hi Karen,

My daughter is getting married next month, and we are trying to decide on wedding favors. It will be an elegant black tie affair with a Gatsby-esque falir. DO you have any interesting or unique suggestions? – Robin, Oyster Bay

Dear Robin,

The great news is that the 1920’s are alive and kicking when it comes to weddings. Thanks to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and, let’s face it, the 2013 remake of the movie, the idea of lavish parties, pearls and gilded-everything has never been so popular. 

When choosing favors, you want something that will work best with the overall feel of the wedding day. This means that anything gold, art deco, and vintage will tie it all together. 

Mixing classy with practical, these gold playing cards could not be a better favor for a Gatsby affair. It evokes nostalgia and goes perfectly with a gilded theme.

These gold and silver foil notebooks give off an art deco feel with their interesting patterns, and would look absolutely gorgeous displayed out on each reception table. 

To bring you back to the Golden Age, why not go old school with your favors and use these fantastic custom matchboxes? With a scalloped design and a shimmer-y finish, these wedding favors pay homage to the good old days. If you’d prefer a more direct approach, you can opt for these F. Scott Fitzgerald matchboxes instead. 

Lastly, you can kill two birds with one stone by making your guest’s cardholder also their wedding favor with these beautiful gold trinket boxes, beaded and mirrored to look like a stunning 1920’s heirloom. 

If none of these seem like a perfect fit, other ideas like mini champagne bottles or custom coasters can work flawlessly with your 1920's theme. If you think like Jay Gastby would, the affair will be the talk of the town! 

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