How do you celebrate your dog's birthday?

If you're anything like a lot of our Long Island readers, Fido's birthday is up there as one of the most important holidays of the year. So why keep all the fun to yourself?

From bone-shaped dog cakes to puppy birthday hats to presents and treats galore, we want to see it all.

Let us join the party: Share your dog's birthday party photos here.

Just make sure your pooch is looking his or her birthday best -- or you could be in the doghouse!

(Captions are submitted by readers who share their photos.)

Credit: Michael Krassner

Otto enjoys his 6th birthday in style.

Credit: Shana Silverstein

Cooper Baron-Silverstein celebrating his one year birthday at home with his Mom and Dad.

Credit: Cindy LoRusso owner Hauppauge ,

Jameson celebrating his 5th Birthday

Credit: Diane Banner

Sam's 4th birthday!

Credit: Mark

Our Cody's 19th Birthday Cockapoo and the absolute best.

Credit: Jennifer- Hicksville

Benson Rocks excited to eat his birthday cake!


Tito's (beagle/bull dog mix) mommy was away for the weekend at a wedding and it happened to be her birthday, so he let us put a hat on him and take a video and pictures to send her. He liked the treat that was the end result. Tito is my "gran-pup."

Credit: Diane Siry of Centereach

Maya, the birthday girl.

Credit: Celine Gazes

Merry & Pippin (brothers/littermates named after Hobbits in Lord of the Rings) celebrating their 3rd birthday at home.

Credit: Liz Maugeri

Buster Boy 1st Birthday!

Credit: Diane Siry of Centereach

Maya, the princess' 11th birthday with her sisters Aja, Sophie & Kaleigh and her cousin Murphy. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Credit: Brianna, East Islip

Charlie celebrating his second birthday!

Credit: Vivian

Happy Birthday Freddie. You are a lucky dog!

Credit: Beth Curry New Hyde Park

Happy 1st Birthday Lacie!

Credit: Cynthia, Commack, NY

Max's 7th birthday! Commack, NY

Credit: Kathleen merrick

Casey turns 1!

Credit: Gloria Greenbaum Merrick, NY

Chloe's Third Birthday!

Credit: Nina S, Bayport

Madison, a cocker spaniel-havanese celebrating her 8th birthday!

Credit: Rachel Perl, New York, NY

Brody at his first birthday party.

Credit: Brianna, East Islip

Charlie celebrating his second birthday with his special cake!

Credit: Marlee Krasin

It is Oliver Fred's birthday!! What a time to be two!!

Credit: Lisa Germano

TySin's 6th bday on a nice "Spring day" 3/22/18 West Babylon N.Y.

Credit: Ginny... Floral Park

Happy 4th birthday Peanut

Credit: Michael Fetter East Islip

Bella turns 1

Credit: Tess Giustino

Went shopping for 4 y/o Bella?s 1st birthday with us her forever family.

Credit: Karen marchese

The birthday girl is 1 year old!

Credit: Lori Tomlin, Rockville Centre NY

1)Shania?s 12th Birthday party

Credit: Kim, Massapequa

It?s my Birthday!!

Credit: Sandy Magera, LB, NY

Happy 4th Birthday for (Therapy Great Dane, Leo, Long Beach, NY

Credit: Brianna - East Islip

Charlie's first birthday party!

Credit: Valerie, Shirley, NY

Happy 8th Birthday Ruger!

Credit: Karen marchese

Happy 1st Birthday to ??Xena!

Credit: Gina McCarthy Levittown

Happy 1st Birthday to Lucy!

Credit: Debbie Orioles

Iffy our Chinese crested on her 8th Birthday

Credit: Kim Cosgrove Massapequa

Birthday celebration with Misty?s sisters and friends!

Credit: Crystal

Shania?s birthday party

Credit: Caitlyn Kaspar Mount Sinai, NY

Puppies 1st birthday party (left to right: Lily, Tucker, lying down Cooper, Sitting up and behind Lily2)

Credit: Kolline Merrick, NY

Cooper celebrates his first birthday with some delicious cake !

Credit: Valerie, Shirley, NY

Happy 13th Birthday DaisyMae!

Credit: Kaitlin

Happy 3rd Birthday Maddie!

Credit: Carol Buccino of bayshore

Alfie duke and Zoe birthday party

Credit: Joan Kinnally, Old Bethpage

Teddy's First Birthday, 8/23/17

Credit: Susan Evangelista

Derek McDreamy celebrating his 2nd birthday!

Fozzie Lavitt shows off his bowtie and party hat as he awaits his birthday party guests at the Pawfect Pet Den in Greenlawn. The Labradoodle was celebrating his 5th birthday with 10 of his doggie friends.

Credit: Virginia Kister

Mr. Oakie A beautiful golden retrevier Celebrating his very 1st Birthday

Credit: Diane in Ronkonkoma

Pebbles celebrating her 1st Birthday!

Credit: Lindsey Islip Terrace

Tavares on his first birthday

Credit: Pat, Williston Park

Piper is partied out from her first birthday.

Credit: Jillian Ramirez, Baldwin, NY

Brandy Lynn's 10th Birthday! Celebrating with delicious "pup cakes" from Front Street Bakery in RVC!

Credit: His girl Aquebogue

Let the celebration begin

Credit: Mom Aquebogue

Bodie turns 10 today. From adorable puppy to handsome older gent.

Credit: Mary Reid

Today Charlie is celebrating his 1st Birthday!!

Credit: Lindsey Islip Terrace

Tavares on his first birthday


Credit: Glenn, Stony Brook

Gracie's turned 1 (DOB 4/5/16)

Credit: Linda Weiss, Oakdale

Barkley Weiss celebrates his second birthday with a handmade crown way too big for his head.

Credit: Erin Thompson West Babylon

Darla and Brianna celebrating Brianna's 1st Birthday

Credit: Jennifer Rains

Happy 9th Birthday Abby!

Credit: Nick DeNicola Patchogue Shores

Happy 3rd Birthday Winston

Credit: Bill

Winton's? Birthday wishing he was a real boy!

Credit: Mommy

Sandy 8th bday

Credit: Patti

Happy birthday summer

Credit: Danielle Kollmer Deer Park

Millie at her 5th Birthday Party

Credit: Danielle Kollmer Deer Park

Millie on her 5th Birthday February 20 2017

Credit: Gail Zanchelli Deer Park

Abby Angel posing for a 6th birthday picture here birthday was on March 3rd. She was at home in Deer Park!!

Credit: Lyssa Goldberg, Roslyn

Our Havanese Lucy celebrating her 6th birthday gift!

Credit: Megan in Coram

Chloe celebrating her quincenera (sweet 15) with family and friends. After being sick for some time, a birthday celebration was in order!

Credit: Bob Dixon

Happy 3rd Birthday Louis

Credit: Laura Pluta, Wading River

Happy birthday Maisie. Born on Christmas day!

Credit: Brianna, Miller Place

Celebrating Romos 1st Birthday!

Credit: Laura Cantiello East Rockaway

Schatzi was not happy to have her picture taken for her birthday, or maybe she just wanted more cake!

Credit: Catherine Armstrong

Zoe celebrating her birthday!

Credit: Vivian

Freddie celebrating his 3rd birthday

Credit: Elisa Dammacco - Saint James, NY

Shiba Birthday

Credit: Taylor Kelly, Aquebogue NY

Happy 1st Birthday to our Oakley!

Credit: Samantha Deer Park

Fraggle's 1st birthday and loving his party hat! September 18, 2009.

Credit: Donna Lane, Dix Hills NY

Ruby, our mixed breed rescue dog, celebrating her 3rd birthday. From her expression I am not sure she is a fan of her hat

Credit: Susan Sagistano

Sabrina, our Old English Sheepdog, celebrating her 7th birthday

Credit: Ellen Rassiger, Huntington Stati

Snuzz, female Golden Doodle, just being a Snuzz. In our yard in Huntington Station.

Credit: Elisa Dammacco - Saint James, NY

Nikka Birthday

Credit: Jennifer Colonna Lindenhurst

Kobi's 4th Birthday

Credit: Jennifer Colonna Lindenhurst

We take selfies

Credit: Ed langone - lindenhurst

Dexter is celebrating his first birthday on May 11th 2016. He was named after Dexter Morgan of the TV show "Dexter" but has none of the characters nasty tendencies.

Credit: Jennifer Colonna Lindenhurst

Kiko's 7th Birthday made special with homemade doggy biscuits.

Credit: Donna McNaughton

Celebrating Jack Bow-wower's 3rd birthday last October 29th. Soon he'll be 4. I'm glad he's named after Kiefer Sutherland's character and not named after Superstorm Sandy (the day he was born). We love that crazy pup!

Credit: Samantha Rade (New York, NY)

@Zuzuthecavachon celebrating her 3rd Birthday!!

Credit: Samantha Rade (New York, NY)

@Zuzuthecavachon enjoying lunch with the birthday girl @puppynamedCharlie's at the Maidstone Inn with her sister Sawyer

Credit: Samantha Rade (New York, NY)

Birthday Bash on the Beach: celebrating @Bailedoodle and sister Charlie's birthday at the beach with all their doods (@puppynamedcharlie, @zuzuthecavachon, @minniedoodle, @ralphiethecockapoo, @remi_the_teddi)

Credit: Samantha Rade (New York, NY)

@Zuzuthecavachon's Lilly Pulitzer themed 3rd Birthday Pawty!!

Credit: Kathy - Wantagh

Jett celebrating his birthday with his new toys

Credit: Jill Marie Delano, Bethpage

KC not only Celebrating National Dogs Day also, his actual Birthday.

Credit: John Brentwood

Boomer on his second birthday!

Credit: K. Snow

Sutton enjoying his special day in Long Beach!!!

Credit: Amanda, East Moriches

Kona, a Belgian Malinois, celebrating her 1st Birthday

Credit: K. Snow

This is Sutton, the 4 year-old....English golden doodle with the rare tri-color phantom colors... celebrating his 4th birthday in Long Beach on July 6th. He's a regular at the Nickerson Beach dog park and loved by all that meet him. He's very dedicated to his owners and a pleasure to have. He's NOT just a pet he's family....

Credit: Joe Bellantoni and Massapequa

Our bully dog Lilos birthday

Credit: Joe Bellantoni and Massapequa

This is lilo's 8th birthday she is enjoying what she loves most donuts ?

Credit: Dennis - Bellport Village, NY

Amelia's birthday party..."Dad, this is dog food. I don't eat dog food"

Credit: John

Boomer celebrating his gotcha day!

Credit: Michael DiLucca

Kipper's Birthday Party

Credit: Denise Filingeri

Hemi's 2nd Birthday XO

Credit: Karen Oakdale, ny

Kirbys 2nd birthday..

Credit: Heather from Holtsville

Niko's 3rd Birthday, August 20, 2106. Collage of puppy pics & his birthday, new toys, walks and steak dinner with birthday candle.

Credit: Adeline Loh, Franklin Square

Cleo, 12, celebrated her birthday on July 26.

Credit: Her Mommy

Lilys 12 Birthday!!

Credit: Phil

Miss Molly, our Welsh Terrier, celebrating her 9th birthday.

Credit: Taken at home in Brentwood

Buster celebrating his 4th birthday!

Credit: Diane Scarabino

Holy Shih-Tzu!! I'm 105 today!!! (July 25th, 2016)

Credit: Kathy

"Where's my cake!" Rufus on his birthday actually wearing his party hat!!

Credit: James McLoughlin

Yoda's 8th Birthday

Credit: Debbie

Marlee's birthday party!

Credit: Debbie

Gia's birthday

Credit: Debbie

Marlee's birthday!

Credit: Donovan Congema, Commack

Biscuit celebrating her birthday!

Finley's 3rd Birthday

Credit: Maia, Deer Park

Emma is a loving pup who is anxiously awaiting her birthday treats!

Credit: Sessa

Noodle's First Birthday Party!

Credit: Merri from Moriches

Our boxer, Sadie, is all dressed up to celebrate her second birthday.

Credit: Sessa

Noodle blowing out the candle!

Lincoln's First Birthday

Credit: Kathy from

Rufus celebrating his 5th Birthday!

Credit: Kimberly Connors

Meatloaf the Puggle recently celebrated her 9th birthday in New Hyde Park and loved her cake!

Credit: Candi

My birthday cupcake

Credit: Mark East Meadow

Peanuts Birthday!

Credit: Mark East Meadow

Peanuts 4th Birthday! Close your eyes and make a wish!

Credit: Meghann Belser (owner), Meghann

This is my female French Bulldog, Leila, celebrating her first birthday and cake smash!

Credit: Maia, Deer Park

This birthday featured Emma's favorite treat! Puppy donuts!!

Credit: Jackie

Foxey enjoying her birthday cupcake!

Credit: Ellen Rassiger, Huntington Stati

Ludwig, 11 year old long-haired German Shepherd Dog, with his favorite birthday toy, "The Stick".

Credit: Ellen Rassiger, Huntington Stati

Snuzz, female Golden Doodle, just being a Snuzz. In our yard in Huntington Station.

Credit: Ellen Rassiger, Huntington Stati

Ludwig, 11 year old long-haired German Shepherd Dog, with his favorite birthday toy, "The Stick".

Credit: Jessica V. Miller Place, NY

Ollie Bear is pooped from his 2nd Birthday Pawty!

Credit: Andrew from Melville, NY

BIRTHDAY BOY! - Dexter's 1st Birthday

Credit: Mom

Dusty waiting to get a piece of her 2nd Birthday cake while we sang to her.

Credit: We did, in East Setauket

Mickey celebrating his 3rd birthday ?

Credit: Chris Gagiano

Kaiser celebrating is special day

Credit: Laura Mercorelli, Centerport NY

Molly's first Birthday

Credit: Georganne Westbury

Doodle, tired from celebrating.

Credit: Lisa Cole, Upper Saddle River

Finley wearing his birthday best to celebrating turning 1 last July

Credit: Andrew from Melville, NY

Our Little Boy is All Grown Up!

Credit: Lisa Cole, Upper Saddle River

Finley celebrating his 2nd birthday at home with a cookie and a party hat

Credit: Andrew from Melville

Dexter looking good at 5!

Credit: Andrew from Melville

Dexter and his BFF Tyson turn 4!

Credit: Pamela ,centereach

Charlie's first birthday !!

Credit: Lisa Factor- Brightwaters NY

Bentley enjoys Tellers Chophouses rib eye bone on her birthday

Credit: Janine Levittown

Jack is waiting for birthday treats

Credit: Gerry.

Summer and Sydney birthday

Credit: Andrew Sable, North Bellmore

Celebrating Stella's 5th birthday

Credit: Linda Callegari, Manor Park

Mochi is licking his chops, anticipating eating the soft serve ice cream he got as a treat for his second birthday, June 14, 2016.

Credit: Janine Levittown

Taylor hates her birthday

Credit: Bill Ziolkowski

Celebrating SAMs 12th birthday

Credit: Frank. Ronkonkoma

Rocco celebrating his 10th birthday.