Joseph Amatuccio, 41, of Baldwin Harbor, was the Port Authority's manager of operations and maintenance at the World Trade Center. He was last seen in the lobby of the south tower.

A daughter remembersJoseph Amatuccio loved the Twin Towers almost as much as he loved his family - almost.

"Those towers were like his," said his daughter, Dina Amatuccio of Whitestone, Queens, who was 21 when her father died. "He loved his job. He loved being there. He was constantly being messaged and his beeper was always going off."

Although he was at the towers six days a week, Sunday was family day, she said. A strict but doting father, he lived for his two children, three stepchildren, and grandchildren, including her son, who was

4 at the time. "I don't think he did anything for himself, even at work," she said. "The people at work knew he would always be there."

Sunday meals were special. "If we didn't have macaroni and meatballs, there had better be an emergency or good reason," she said.

He also loved to cook and was as exacting with his recipes as he was with maintaining the Twin Towers. He had a particular pan to make his manicotti no one else was allowed to use. And he had a special recipe for cheesecake. "You were not allowed to cut it with a knife," his daughter said. "You had to cut it with dental floss."

She is proud of her father's role as the towers fell. "My dad wasn't a rescue worker but he stayed that day regardless of not being a rescue worker to save as many people as possible," she said. "My father was like the world to me," she said. "I know it changed me because I lost somebody very important to me." - Ridgely Ochs

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