Dominic Spada reached a plea deal with the Suffolk County...

Dominic Spada reached a plea deal with the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office. Credit: James Escher

Last year's prosecution of the former director of maritime services for the Town of Huntington, accused of falsifying information on an application for a bay constable Civil Service exam, has been resolved with a plea bargain, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office.

Details of the plea bargain with the former director, Dominic Spada, are sealed and thus secret, according to office spokeswoman Tania Lopez.

“In accordance to a plea offer conveyed under the previous district attorney, Spada pled guilty. The plea and the sentence, however, are sealed so by statute we can’t disclose details of the agreement,” Lopez wrote in an email.

He was charged in February 2021.

Spada allegedly falsely claimed on an application to have worked for Sea Tow Huntington for five years.

Reached by phone, Spada declined to provide details  but said the disposition was noncriminal. "There's nothing to it, honestly," he said.

His attorney, Ray Perini, said of the prosecution: "It should not have been brought in the first place."

At the time of the arrest, the office — then under Timothy Sini — said Spada faced as much as four years in prison.

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