A Mastic man was in critical condition Tuesday with a head injury after he crashed into a patrol car in North Bellport during a high-speed chase and then fought with officers who were also hurt, Suffolk police said.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday, Kevin Turner, 19, was "in a fully involved struggle" with two Fifth Precinct officers that lasted as long as four minutes in an Agamemnon Ave. backyard, said Det. Lt. Gerard Pelkofsky of the Homicide Squad.

Both officers struck Turner with fists as Turner fought back, kicking and throwing punches, police said; at one point, the three toppled in a heap over a low fence.

Pelkofsky said it was unclear if Turner's injuries were a result of the initial car crash, the fall, the blows from officers, or a combination.

"We're looking at all of that and we're going to want to speak to medical personnel," Pelkofsky said.

Police said they were speaking with witnesses and detectives were seeking warrants to search Turner's car and get a blood sample. Turner was alone in a Kia Sportage on Station Road at 12:22 a.m. when two Fifth Precinct officers noticed him crossing the center line and driving erratically, police said. After the officers pulled him over and exited the cruiser, Turner drove away. The officers then began their pursuit.

After a two-minute chase "in the 60 miles-per-hour-range," Turner spun out on Bellport Avenue as a second police car approached. Turner spun and crashed into the side of the cruiser before jumping from the car and running, Pelkofsky said.

He led two officers on a chase across backyards and a four-foot fence behind an Agamemnon Avenue home. Officers said Turner was holding a knife before one officer tried to tackle him.

Turner was also struck on the leg with a baton at an early stage of the struggle.Turner was eventually subdued and placed in cuffs. Police said he continued to struggle and was put in leg restraints for the ambulance trip to Brookhaven.One officer suffered strains to his back or neck and was taken by ambulance to Stony Brook where he was treated and released. The other officer was also treated and released.

Turner is charged with resisting arrest, reckless driving, reckless endangerment and fleeing from a police officer, as well as other criminal charges and traffic infractions.Attempts to locate a family member were unsuccessful.

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