In this June, 4, 2008 photo, reputed acting boss of...

In this June, 4, 2008 photo, reputed acting boss of the Colombo crime family Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli is led by FBI agents from Federal Plaza for arraignment in Manhattan. Credit: AP

Colombo family informant Sebastian Saracino was denounced by his little brother Dino in an angry courtroom outburst Thursday after tying his younger sibling and alleged family leader Tommy Gioeli of Farmingdale to two murders.

"Stop lying, Sebby, and don't call me your brother no more!" the younger Saracino shouted during a morning break in Brooklyn federal court, after his sibling told the jury how "Little Dino" shot mob associate Richard Greaves in the back of the head in the Saracino family basement in Brooklyn in 1995.

The shouting, after the judge and jury had left court, produced sharp words between the lead FBI agent on the case and Dino Saracino and a defense lawyer. U.S. District Judge Brian Cogan warned both sides to control their emotions, but Dino Saracino lashed out at his brother's betrayal again at the end of the day.

"You made your mother proud, Sebby," he yelled at the departing witness. "You made her proud."

Gioeli, an alleged former acting boss of the Colombo family, is charged with six 1990s murders, and Dino Saracino, an alleged soldier and member of Gioeli's crew, is charged in three of them. The trial, in its second month, has included testimony from two other former members of the crew who said they murdered on Gioeli's orders.

Sebastian Saracino testified that he was present along with his brother, Gioeli and the two previous informants, Joseph Competiello and Dino Calabro, at the Greaves execution, and helped tie up the body and bury it in a mob graveyard in Farmingdale.

He said Greaves, who had become suspect because he had discussed moving to Arizona and was considered unreliable, was sitting at a table chatting with the others in the Saracino basement, while Gioeli lounged on a nearby couch.

"My brother got up, went to the kitchen, got the gun, came up behind Richie and shot him," he testified. "He shot him in the back of the head. Richie got up, did a 180, and hit the floor."

Sebastian Saracino also testified to conversations in which his brother admitted that he and Gioeli were involved in the murders of NYPD Officer Ralph Dols in 1997 and Colombo consigliere William Cutolo in 1999.

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