The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a second drone sighting near Kennedy Airport on Friday afternoon, the agency said Saturday.

JetBlue Flight 1834, an Airbus A320 that was approaching Kennedy on its way north from Haiti, reported seeing a drone just before landing at 2:24 p.m. Friday.

The FAA said the pilot did not take evasive action, and the flight landed safely.

The agency could not say whether the drone sighting was related to one that occurred about 2 1/2 hours later southwest of Kennedy.

About 4:55 p.m. Friday, the pilot of Delta Air Lines Flight 407, an MD88 on approach from Orlando, reported seeing a drone "about 100 feet below us, just off the right wing," according to an audio recording from

The jetliner was at about 1,400 feet when the pilot noticed the drone flying in the vicinity of Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn, a couple of miles southwest of the airport.

That flight also landed safely, with no evasive action required, the FAA said.

In May, a passenger jet bound for LaGuardia Airport narrowly missed hitting a drone that was in the air near Prospect Park in Brooklyn, the FAA said. The crew of Shuttle America 2708 reported climbing 200 feet to avoid colliding with the drone as the plane made its final approach to the airport. The flight landed safely.

The drone was flying at about 2,700 feet, the Shuttle America crew told federal authorities at the time.

Drones can be extremely difficult for pilots to avoid and can cause serious damage to a plane, particularly if they are sucked into jet engines, aviation experts have warned. The FAA bans small drones from flying higher than 500 feet or close to airports and heavily populated areas.

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