Bob and Pat Kane celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in...

Bob and Pat Kane celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in June 2013. Credit: Handout

Pat Kane of Massapequa Park recalls her efforts to get her future husband, Robert, to notice her.

I was 17 and living in Long Island City, Queens, when I started classes at New York City Community College in downtown Brooklyn. It was September 1959. I began noticing an attractive young man, also a student, at the subway stop each morning. We never spoke to each other, but I eventually found out that his name was Bob. He was 19, lived in Brooklyn and was graduating in June. I knew I just had to meet him before he graduated.

He and his friends hung out in the student lounge, so I made frequent stops at the vending machine there, making sure to walk past him. I'd buy pretzels even though I dislike them. Little did I know Bob was attracted to me, too. His friends would kid him whenever I walked by.

On our last day of class before Christmas break, I was now 18 and joined my friends at a nearby bar, a regular student hangout. While there, one of Bob's friends literally pushed him over to where I was standing and introduced us. Bob, however, didn't say anything to me.

He still didn't talk to me after classes started, so that April I took matters into my own hands. I walked over to him at school and asked if he'd be interested in joining a religious club on campus. He didn't want to join, but he did ask me out on a date to the movies.

Bob drove a 1949 Chevy. I got the impression that his car didn't like me when, on our first date, the hood flew up while we were driving; on our second date we had a flat tire; and on the third date the engine overheated. We continued dating without any other incidents.

In 1961, Bob joined the Marine Corps Reserve and was stationed at Camp Pendleton in California for a year. We saw each other during his leave at Christmas. When he returned home in June 1962, he surprised me at work. Boy, did he look handsome in his uniform. He served for six years.

We were married on Aug. 11, 1963, in Precious Blood Church, Long Island City, and had our reception at Dante's in Jackson Heights.

In 1976 we moved to Massapequa Park. Bob was a co-owner of Electronics for Radiology in Lynbrook until he retired in 2011. I was a secretary with the Massapequa School District and retired in 2006.

Bob and I are very fortunate and have built a wonderful life together. We have been able to do extensive traveling in the United States, Europe and Australia. Recently we hosted a 50th anniversary party at the Riviera in Massapequa. Our daughter, son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters, as well as family and friends, were there. We have been blessed to have 50 wonderful years and look forward to our next 50 together. Thanks for the memories.

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