Tom Licari, 56, Amityville, an attorney

I was a somewhat awkward 17-year-old when I heard about this concert with all my favorite musical groups. My parents allowed me to go only if I cut my long curly hair.

Getting to Woodstock from the west, as we did, proved to be the best approach since all the roads from the south were clogged for miles.

Although we attended all three days, we did go back to my girlfriend's parents' home that was about 10 miles away each night, since we managed to drive to within two miles of the concert site each day and walk the rest of the way.

It was pure magic and somewhat surrealistic as Army helicopters buzzed overhead while we listened to the inspirational words of CSNY, Richie Havens, John Sebastian, Janis Joplin and Country Joe MacDonald. His words were the best, creating such a unified spirit that became known as the "Woodstock Nation:" "Give me an F . . . What's that spell?"

The camaraderie, peace and love was overwhelming, despite the weather and helicopters. The smell of beer and pot was everywhere.

I suppose there could never be such an event again, and so I am proud to say "I was there."

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