The Natural Resources Defense Council rated the beaches below based on New York State data.

CountyBeachTierMonitoring FrequencyClosing or Advisory Days
NassauAtlantic Beach Club32/mo0
NassauAtlantic Beach Estates32/mo0
NassauBar Beach11/wk16
NassauBiltmore Beach11/wk13
NassauCatalina Beach32/mo0
NassauCentre Island Bay Beach21/wk11
NassauCentre Island Sound Beach21/wk11
NassauClearwater Cabana Beach32/mo0
NassauCrescent Beach21/wk1 (87)*
NassauDutchess Boulevard Beach32/mo0
NassauEast Atlantic Beach32/mo0
NassauEldorado Beach32/mo0
NassauGenessee Boulvard Beach32/mo0
NassauHarbor Isle Beach21/wk0
NassauHempstead Harbor Beach Park11/wk0
NassauHewlett Beach11/wk8
NassauInc. Village of Laurel Hollow11/wk22
NassauInwood Beach Club32/mo0
NassauIsland Park Beach11/wk6
NassauJefferson Boulevard Beach32/mo0
NassauJones Beach State Park-Central Mall Beach21/wk2
NassauJones Beach State Park-West End Beach21/wk2
NassauJones Beach State Park-Zach's Bay12/wk1
NassauLattington Beach21/wk11
NassauLawrence Beach32/mo0
NassauLido Beach Park District32/mo0
NassauLido Beach-Towers Condo32/mo0
NassauLong Beach City21/wk0
NassauManor Haven Beach21/wk0
NassauMerrick Estates Civic Association21/wk0
NassauMontgomery Boulevard Beach32/mo0
NassauMorgan Memorial Beach11/wk9
NassauNassau Beach Central Terrace32/mo0
NassauNassau Beach East Terrace32/mo0
NassauNassau Beach West Terrace32/mo0
NassauOcean Club Beach32/mo0
NassauPebble Cove Homeowners' Association32/mo0
NassauPhillip Healey11/wk20
NassauPiping Rock Beach21/wk15
NassauPlaza Beach32/mo0
NassauPlaza Beach Club32/mo0
NassauPoint Lookout Park District32/mo0
NassauPrybil Beach21/wk9
NassauPutnam Beach32/mo0
NassauRansom Beach21/wk13
NassauSands At Atlantic32/mo0
NassauSeacliff Beach11/wk9
NassauSilver Point Beach Club32/mo0
NassauSoundside Beach21/wk13
NassauStehli Beach21/wk11
NassauSun And Surf Beach32/mo0
NassauSunny Atlantic Beach32/mo0
NassauTappan Beach11/wk11
NassauThe Creek Beach21/wk14
NassauTheodore Roosevelt Beach11/wk11
NassauTobay Beach-Bay11/wk0
NassauTobay Beach-Marina21/wk0
NassauTobay Beach-Ocean21/wk0
NassauTown House Apartments at Lido32/mo0
NassauTown Park Camp Anchor32/mo0
NassauTown Park Point Lookout32/mo0
NassauTown Park-Area D Sands/Lido/Anchor32/mo0
NassauVernon Avenue Beach32/mo0
NassauWest Harbor Memorial Beach21/wk9
NassauWestbury Beach Club32/mo0
SuffolkAlberts Landing Beach31/mo0
SuffolkAmagansett Beach Association31/mo0
SuffolkAmityville Beach13/wk9
SuffolkAsharoken Beach22/wk5
SuffolkAtlantic Avenue Beach31/mo0
SuffolkAtlantique Beach-Bay21/wk0
SuffolkAtlantique Beach-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkBath and Tennis Hotel31/mo0
SuffolkBathing Corp of Southampton31/mo0
SuffolkBay Hills POA22/wk5
SuffolkBayberry Beach and Tennis Club23/wk5
SuffolkBayberry Cove Beach22/wk5
SuffolkBaycrest Association Beach22/wk5
SuffolkBayport Beach13/wk12
SuffolkBayview Beach22/wk5
SuffolkBeech Road Beach12/wk5
SuffolkBelle Terre Beach22/wk0
SuffolkBellport Beach31/mo0
SuffolkBenjamins Beach13/wk5
SuffolkBridgehampton Club31/mo0
SuffolkBridgehampton Tennis and Surf31/mo0
SuffolkBrightwaters Beach22/wk5
SuffolkBroadway Beach Broadway Beach31/mo5
SuffolkCallahan's Beach22/wk0
SuffolkCamp Baiting Hollow32/mo0
SuffolkCamp Blue Bay22/mo0
SuffolkCamp Dewolfe31/mo0
SuffolkCamp Quinipet32/mo0
SuffolkCedar Beach32/mo0
SuffolkCedar Beach East-Mt. Sinai22/wk0
SuffolkCedar Beach West-Mt. Sinai32/wk0
SuffolkCenterport Beach22/wk5
SuffolkCenterport Yacht Club11/wk0 (365)*
SuffolkClearwater Beach31/mo0
SuffolkClub at Point O'Woods-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkCold Spring Harbor Beach Club13/wk5
SuffolkCoopers Neck Beach31/mo0
SuffolkCorey Creek Beach23/wk5
SuffolkCornell Cooperative Extension Marine Center32/mo0
SuffolkCrab Meadow Beach32/wk5
SuffolkCrescent Beach-Huntington22/wk6
SuffolkCrescent Beach-Shelter Island32/mo0
SuffolkCulloden Shores31/mo0
SuffolkCupsogue County Park31/mo0
SuffolkDavis Park Beach31/mo0
SuffolkDevon Yacht Club, Inc.31/mo0
SuffolkDitch Plains Beach31/mo0
SuffolkDorothy P. Flint Camp32/mo0
SuffolkDune Deck Hotel31/mo0
SuffolkDunewood Beach31/mo0
SuffolkDunewood POA Beach (Bay)21/wk0
SuffolkEagle Dock Community Beach13/wk5
SuffolkEast Islip Beach23/wk22
SuffolkEast Lake Drive Beach31/mo0
SuffolkFair Harbor Community Association-Bay21/wk0
SuffolkFair Harbor-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkFiddlers Green Association32/wk0
SuffolkFifth Street Park Beach21/wk0
SuffolkFisher's Island Country Club31/mo0
SuffolkFleets Cove Beach13/wk5
SuffolkFleets Neck Beach32/mo0
SuffolkFlying Point31/mo0
SuffolkFoster Memorial32/mo0
SuffolkFounder's Landing21/wk0
SuffolkFriendship Drive Beach22/wk5
SuffolkGeorgica Beach31/mo0
SuffolkGilgo Beach32/mo0
SuffolkGold Star Battalion Beach13/wk5
SuffolkGoose Creek21/wk0
SuffolkGrantland Beach12/wk5
SuffolkGreat Gun Beach31/mo0
SuffolkGurney's Inn Resort and Spa31/mo0
SuffolkHaven's Beach22/wk3
SuffolkHay Harbor Club31/mo0
SuffolkHead of the Bay Club22/wk5
SuffolkHeckscher State Park-Overlook Beach21/wk0
SuffolkHeckscher State Park-West Beach21/wk2
SuffolkHither Hills State Park Beach21/wk0
SuffolkHobart Beach - Bay22/wk5
SuffolkHobart Beach-Inlet/Sound22/wk5
SuffolkHuntington Beach Community Association13/wk8
SuffolkIndian Field Beach22/wk5
SuffolkIndian Wells Beach31/mo0
SuffolkIron Pier Beach32/mo0
SuffolkIsland People's Project (Dock Beach)31/mo0
SuffolkIslip Beach23/wk10
SuffolkKenny's Beach32/mo0
SuffolkKirk Park Beach32/mo0
SuffolkKismet Beach-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkKnollwood Beach13/wk5
SuffolkLaronde Beach Club, Inc.31/mo0
SuffolkLashley Pavillion31/mo0
SuffolkLittle Bay Beach22/wk5
SuffolkLloyd Harbor Estates32/wk0
SuffolkLloyd Harbor Village Park22/wk5
SuffolkLloyd Neck Bath Club22/wk0
SuffolkLong Beach22/wk5
SuffolkMaidstone Beach31/mo0
SuffolkMaidstone Club, Inc.31/mo0
SuffolkMain Beach31/mo0
SuffolkMattituck Breakwater Beach22/wk0
SuffolkMccabe's Beach31/mo0
SuffolkMecox Beach31/mo0
SuffolkMeschutt Beach32/mo0
SuffolkMiller Beach Surf Club22/wk0
SuffolkMiller Place Park22/wk5
SuffolkNassau Point Causeway32/mo0
SuffolkNathan Hale Beach Club22/wk5
SuffolkNew Suffolk Beach32/mo0
SuffolkNick's Beach31/mo0
SuffolkNissequogue Point Beach22/wk5
SuffolkNorman Klipp Park31/mo0
SuffolkOcean Beach-Bay21/wk0
SuffolkOcean Beach-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkOld Field Club23/wk0
SuffolkOrient Beach State Park Beach21/wk1
SuffolkOverlook Beach31/mo0
SuffolkPatchogue Village Pool and Beach Club21/wk5
SuffolkPeconic Dunes Camp-Sound32/mo0
SuffolkPerlman Music Camp32/mo0
SuffolkPikes Beach31/mo0
SuffolkPoint O'Woods Association-Bay21/wk0
SuffolkPonquogue Beach31/mo0
SuffolkPort Jefferson Beach East22/wk0
SuffolkPort Jefferson Beach West22/wk0
SuffolkPrices Bend Beach22/wk5
SuffolkPridwin Hotel32/mo0
SuffolkQuantuck Beach Club31/mo0
SuffolkQuogue Beach Club31/mo0
SuffolkQuogue Village Beach31/mo0
SuffolkReeves Beach32/mo0
SuffolkRobert Moses State Park Beach-Suffolk County21/wk3
SuffolkRogers Pavillion31/mo0
SuffolkSagg Main Beach31/mo0
SuffolkSaltaire Beach-Bay21/wk0
SuffolkSaltaire Beach-Ocean31/mo0
SuffolkSandspit Beach23/wk5
SuffolkSayville Beach13/wk15
SuffolkSayville Marina Park13/wk5
SuffolkSchubert Beach22/wk5
SuffolkScotts Beach22/wk5
SuffolkSeaview Beach Association (Bay)21/wk0
SuffolkShelter Island Heights Beach Club22/mo0
SuffolkShirley Beach22/wk3
SuffolkShoreham Beach32/wk5
SuffolkShoreham Shore Club22/wk5
SuffolkShoreham Village Beach22/wk5
SuffolkShort Beach22/wk5
SuffolkSilver Sands Motel21/wk0
SuffolkSmith Point County Park32/mo0
SuffolkSound Beach Poa East12/wk5
SuffolkSound Beach Poa West32/wk5
SuffolkSoundview Beach Association22/wk5
SuffolkSouth Jamesport Beach32/mo0
SuffolkSouthampton Bath and Tennis31/mo0
SuffolkSouthampton Peconic Beach & Tennis Club31/mo0
SuffolkSouthold Beach32/mo0
SuffolkSteers Beach23/wk5
SuffolkStony Brook Beach23/wk5
SuffolkStony Brook Yacht Club13/wk5
SuffolkSunken Meadow State Park Beach21/wk2
SuffolkSurf Club of Quogue31/mo0
SuffolkSwordfish Club31/mo0
SuffolkTanner Park13/wk7 (66)*
SuffolkTerraces on the Sound13/wk5
SuffolkTiana Beach32/mo0
SuffolkTiana Shores Association22/mo0
SuffolkTides Property Owners Association13/wk5
SuffolkTwo-Mile Hollow Beach31/mo0
SuffolkValley Grove Beach13/wk18
SuffolkVenetian Shores11/wk5
SuffolkVeteran's Memorial Park32/mo0
SuffolkW. Scott Cameron32/mo0
SuffolkWades Beach32/mo0
SuffolkWading River Beach32/mo0
SuffolkWater Mill Beach Club31/mo0
SuffolkWest Islip Beach13/wk5
SuffolkWest Meadow Beach22/wk1
SuffolkWest Neck Beach22/wk0
SuffolkWest Oaks Recreation Club23/wk5
SuffolkWesthampton House31/mo0
SuffolkWildwood State Park Beach21/wk1
SuffolkWincoma Beach22/wk5
SuffolkWoodcliff Park Poa32/mo0
SuffolkWoodhull Landing22/wk5
SuffolkYardarm Condominium South31/mo0

* Reported closing or advisory days are for events lasting six consecutive weeks or less. Number of days in parentheses are for events lasting more than six consecutive weeks.

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