Nassau County will spend more than $10 million in capital improvement funds for new equipment and building repairs at the Cedar Creek Sewage Treatment Plant in Seaford, County Executive Edward Mangano is expected to announce Wednesday.

"The plant is in desperate need of maintenance, new equipment and additional personnel," Mangano said.

"I commend the legislature for joining me in taking the appropriate steps to correct the problems there."

Lawmakers approved Mangano's plan last week.

Earlier this year, the state Department of Environmental Conservation cited the plant for 26 violations, 22 of them classified as dangerous.

Republican Presiding Officer Peter Schmitt said, "I'm pleased that we're taking another major step in improving the neglect from the previous [Democratic] administration."

But Legis. David Denenberg (D-Merrick) said that the previous administration, along with the Democratic legislative majority, spent more than $50 million on Cedar Creek and had more in this year's capital budget for the plant.

"The real problem is the need for more personnel," Denenberg said. "We had 19 new people in the capital budget and Mangano said he would hire those people, but hasn't hired anyone."

Improvements to the plant will include two new belt filter presses to remove sludge from wastewater, roofs for two buildings, and an upgrade to the plant's odor control system. Community residents have long complained about foul odors in the area.

According to violation notices by the DEC, the plant accidentally discharged 25,000 gallons of untreated wastewater into Cedar Creek in November 2008, and exceeded its discharge limit three times in 2007 and twice in 2009.

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