Donald Trump at his Scottish golf course Turnberry on July...

Donald Trump at his Scottish golf course Turnberry on July 30, 2015. Credit: Getty Images / Jeff J. Mitchell

One of New York City's more modern government boondoggles -- dating to the days of the Giuliani administration -- concerned the former landfill near the Whitestone Bridge in the Bronx. It was supposed to open as a golf course in 2001, but after big cost overruns and the removal of a developer from the project, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration crafted a 20-year lease with Donald Trump, and a commitment of millions from the real estate heir, to successfully complete a project at the site. This is now known as the Trump Golf Links at Ferry Point Park, having finally opened this year. It is much more expensive for ordinary people than other courses in the city -- and the site earlier ended up costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars to remediate and prepare.

Now Trump the presidential candidate -- who back in the day managed to avoid getting drafted -- alienated veterans with his put-down of Arizona Sen. John McCain for getting shot down over Vietnam and being held captive by the enemy. At Ferry Point, the Trump links don't give veteran discounts. Very clearly, the website explains that military cut-rates are reserved for active service members. (That's not the case for Nassau and Suffolk courses where veterans get a break.) Says the Trump website: "Military rates apply to all military personnel on active duty. In order to receive the Military rate, each individual must provide a valid Common Access Card indicating active duty upon checking in at the golf shop on the day of their tee time."