State Senate candidate Adam Haber released a gun-control platform Wednesday, calling for toughening storage laws, microstamping of shell casings and denying firearms licenses to individuals on the federal “no fly” list.

Haber, a Democrat, called it a “common sense,” anti-violence plan. He is running against Flower Hill Mayor Elaine Phillips, a Republican, to replace Sen. Jack Martins (R-Old Westbury), who is leaving to run for Congress. The seat is widely seen as one of a few that will determine which party wins a Senate majority in the November elections.

Haber said some of the proposals have been blocked by the Republican majority in the state Senate. He also noted some Republicans have called for repealing the so-called Safe Act, which tightened state laws regulating military-style weapons.

“It’s further proof why we desperately need new leadership in Albany, not their hand-picked candidates who will continue this dangerous trend,” Haber said in a statement.

One of his proposals would require firearms to be “safely locked by the owner when not in their immediate possession or control.” The proposal has been backed by the Democratic-led state Assembly but never advanced in the Senate, he said.

A Senate Republican spokesman didn’t address Haber’s proposal on guns. Instead, Scott Reif referred to Haber’s loss in the 2014 Senate campaign and sought to shift the discussion to taxes.

“As a perpetual candidate who has been repeatedly and soundly rejected by voters, we don’t take a lot of what Adam Haber says seriously,” Reif said in an email. “As much as he wants to change the subject, it’s pretty clear that Nassau County families still can’t get over the fact that Adam Haber has raised taxes every year as a member of his local school board and the last thing they would ever want to do is send him to Albany.”

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