Long Island voters will decide the outcomes of seven contested...

Long Island voters will decide the outcomes of seven contested village elections on Tuesday, June 16, 2015. Credit: AP, 2010

Here are the final results for the contested village elections held on March 18, 2015. 

OLD FIELD: Incumbents Jeffrey S. Owen and Stephen W. Shybunko were both re-elected to two seats. 

Stephen W. Shybunko: 99

Jeffrey Owen: 87

John Damianos: 38

MASTIC BEACH: Trustee Maura Spery was elected Mayor. Anne Snyder and Christopher Anderson won trustee spots.

Maura Spery: 601

Anne Snyder: 669

Christopher Anderson: 653

STEWART MANOR: Incumbents Mary Carole Schafenberg and William Grogan were re-elected to the village’s board of trustees.

William Grogan: 222

Mary Carole Schafenberg: 191

Orlanda Sa: 89

Peter Genova: 82

VALLEY STREAM: Mayor Edwin Fare was re-elected, defeating challenger Martin Peter Zirpolo. Incumbent trustees Vincent Grasso and Dermond Thomas were also re-elected, defeating two other candidates.

Edwin A. Fare: 1,979

Martin Peter Zirpolo: 745

FREEPORT: Jorge Martinez and Debra S. Mule prevailed over five other candidates — including former Mayor Andrew Hardwick — to fill two seats on the board of trustees, according to unofficial numbers.

Jorge Martinez: 2,180

Debra S. Mule : 2,163

Andrew Hardwick: 1,089

Frank Rizzo: 863

Sunday F. Coward: 713

Ramos: 617

Douglas Mayers: 131

HEMPSTEAD: Incumbents Don L. Ryan and Perry M. Pettus were re-elected on the Unity Party line for two trustee seats.

Don L. Ryan: 1,001

Perry M. Pettus: 796

Lamont Johnson: 246

Marcia Turner: 341

Jewel Lynette Butler: 372

Ida Rowe: 297

Dennis Jones: 330

Lenora Long: 213

GREAT NECK PLAZA: Incumbents Gerald Schneiderman and Lawrence Katz were re-elected and will serve two-year terms on the board of trustees.

Lawrence Katz: 331

Gerald Schneiderman: 286

Jonathan Stein: 229

GREENPORT: Trustee George Hubbard,Jr. was elected mayor, defeating a challenger Julie Lillis. Doug Roberts and Jack Martilotta were elected trustees. Incumbent Dave Murray and challenger Bill Swiskey lost.

George Hubbard, Jr.: 343

Julie Lillis: 80

Doug Roberts: 245

Jack Martilotta: 265

Dave Murray: 149

Bill Swiskey: 156

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