Suffolk County Conservatives have put up their own candidate to run against Republican county lawmaker Robert Trotta, a former police detective.

The minor party named Rick Lanese, 56, of Kings Park, as their candidate in the 13th District. Democrats have put forward retired attorney Jan Singer for the race.

Conservatives also endorsed Democratic county legislators Al Krupski and William Lindsay III.

Democrat Joseph McDermott, who is running against Republican Legis. Steve Flotteron, got the Conservative line although another Conservative, Joan Manahan, is challenging him in a primary.

Conservatives' endorsements of the three Democrats could help those candidates by siphoning votes away from Republican contenders.

Trotta said he was trying to understand why Conservatives made the move against him, saying he considers himself the “most fiscally conservative” lawmaker in the 18-member county legislature.

Noting the state legislature is considering a ban on cross-endorsements, Trotta said of Conservatives, “I guess they see the end coming and they are trying to flex their muscles.”

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