The way investment banker and former Bush military adviser Dan Senor said he saw it, "I could have done six events for the six different candidates."

Instead, Senor held one fundraiser at the end of June at the Union League Club for six Republicans running for Congress from New York — raising $337,000 from Wall Street execs to split among the six.

Among them was 1st Congressional District hopeful Randy Altschuler — the only one not officially backed by the Republican Party. But Senor included him because he's "a friend." Senor said, "I’m a big fan of Randy’s."

As for the fundraiser, he said it was so successful he might do it again this year. "It made it easier on the donors. It also was a great event for the candidates," said Senor. "And it would up becoming an energizing evening."

Senor said he and John Faso, a one-time GOP candidate for governor of New York, threw together a fundraising group, the US House Victory Committee 2010. "We put this together in three weeks," he said.

Senor toyed with running against Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) but backed out, citing his young children and wife, CNN host Campbell Brown.

The amounts spread among the six candidates depended on whether donors had previously given money to them and the form on which they checked off how they wanted their money distributed.

Here’s the distribution, according to the federal filing:

Altschuler, $48,3111; Ann Marie Buerkle, running against Rep. Dan Maffei, $50,125; Chris Gibson, challenging Rep. Scott Murphy, $56,747;Nan Hayworth, opposing Rep. John Hall, $52,710;Richard Hanna running against Rep. Michael Arcuri, $48,401;and Tom Reed, seeking to fill the seat of resigned Rep. Eric Massa, $49,444.