A 2009 photo of Suffolk GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle.

A 2009 photo of Suffolk GOP Chairman John Jay LaValle. Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

After months of speculation, Suffolk Republican Chairman John Jay LaValle has finally said he has "no interest" in running for state Supreme Court this fall.

"I'm flattered people have mentioned it but it's not something at this point in my career that I'm interested in doing," said LaValle. "Right now, I'm focused on taking back some legislative seats and making some other people judges."

In recent months, LaValle had declined to comment on whether he was interested in a judicial nomination, though some critics questioned whether he would pass bar association muster because he does not do much trial work.

There are now three Suffolk state Supreme court seats up for election, including the surprise exit of A. Gail Prudenti as the state's number two judge. One seat, however, is now held by GOP incumbent Emily Pines. Other potential contenders include Islip GOP chairman Frank Tantone and Conservative Howard Heckman, now the minor party's nominee for family court. He is also the future father-in law of Michael Torres, former Islip Conservative leader and still a mamber of the Suffiolk Conservative executive commtitee.

LaValle said no choice have been made, but he expects to call a meeting of the GOP executive committee meeting this week to discuss nominations. Formal nominations come next month after the Sept. 10 primary.