ALBANY — A woman who raged at Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo Wednesday and thrust a sheaf of papers at him until she was pulled away by troopers was charged with disorderly conduct and a violation of state mental health law, state police said.

The woman called Cuomo two profanities, said there was corruption in Albany, and said she was the victim of sexual harassment by someone she didn’t identify.

The woman emerged from the State Police office at the Empire State Plaza into the middle of the governor’s press conference. Cuomo had gone to the police office to act as a pro bono “state-appointed” attorney for Kenneth Lovett, the New York Daily News Albany bureau chief. Lovett had been briefly arrested for using a cell phone in the parlor of the Senate. The Senate immediately dropped the charges.

As Cuomo was joking about the Lovett arrest, the woman stormed from the State Police office behind the governor saying State Police wouldn’t investigate her claim of sexual harassment in The Egg, a theater in the plaza. She said she had just been released from mental health care.

“You’re not doing nothing, either,” she yelled at Cuomo thrusting her index figure at his face. “There’s corruption going on here!”

After she struggled free from a governor’s aide who tried to restrain here, three troopers came the door behind Cuomo and pulled her back into the office.

State police didn’t release her name.