Eugene Dunkley was awarded tickets Wednesdsay for being Frontier Airline's...

Eugene Dunkley was awarded tickets Wednesdsay for being Frontier Airline's millionth customer at Long Island's MacArthur Airport. Dunkley and his children live in Georgia. Credit: Johnny Milano

Passengers waiting to board a Frontier Airlines flight Wednesday morning at Long Island MacArthur Airport were treated to free cookies, balloons and travel vouchers to celebrate a milestone.

The airline called out Eugene Dunkley's name as he and his two children were getting ready to board an Atlanta-bound flight and told him he was Frontier's millionth passenger at the Ronkonkoma airport since it started operations in 2017.

Fellow passengers applauded as Dunkley, Alex, 7, and Sofia, 5, posed for photos after receiving four $250 travel vouchers that can be used to travel with Frontier. The three had been visiting family in Brooklyn for two weeks and were headed back to Georgia, where they live just outside of Atlanta.

“We’re gonna plan our next trip now,” Dunkley said.

The other 178 passengers booked on the flight each received $50 Frontier travel vouchers.

Frontier  began flying out of MacArthur about 22 months ago. MacArthur serviced 1.6 million passengers in 2018 among its three carriers — Frontier, Southwest and American airlines.

Daniel Shurz, a Frontier Airlines senior vice president, said Frontier has grown significantly, and at a rate slightly quicker than expected since starting service two years ago.

“It’s exciting how many people have been able to take advantage of Frontier’s service from the airport,” he said.

Frontier first started offering nonstop service from MacArthur to Orlando in August 2017 and now offers service to eight nonstop destinations, including Atlanta; Tampa, Florida, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

“We quickly discovered that they were a perfect match not only for the airport, but for all of Long Island,” airport Commissioner Shelley LaRose-Arken said during the news conference. “They recognize that we have convenience that we offer our customers.”

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