Senator John E. Brooks.

Senator John E. Brooks. Credit: Daniel Goodrich

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State Sen. John Brooks has been the Don Quixote of tax battles, trying for years to solve the many problems of Nassau County assessments. Now, the even larger challenge of funding local schools through real estate taxes is front and center with the passage of the new federal tax law that caps deductions for state and local taxes. Brooks, a freshman Democrat, has grabbed his horse and lance.

“L.I. is going to get killed,” he told the Point, describing the numbers he has analyzed and the effects of the federal tax law. Brooks is working with State Senate staff to formulate his proposal, which he says would lower the amount homeowners pay in school taxes but keep current funding levels in place. Hint: The state would make up the difference.

Brooks, a former member of the Seaford school board, estimates he’s about a month away from making his plan public. But unlike fixing the assessment system in Nassau County, this time his plan might not be an impossible dream.



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