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A gifted psychic gave me an advance peek not only at the 2020 presidential elections, but also a glimpse of the next one in 2024. While it shocked me, I shouldn’t really be surprised, given the altered reality we now inhabit.

On Wednesday, the Senate basically gave all presidents present and future the power of a king. At President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, his lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, said “if a president does something which he believes will help him get elected is in the public interest,” he can’t be punished. Trump is acquitted.

By fall 2020 , Trump, who labeled his impeachment trial a “witch hunt,” finds himself not only behind in the polls, but also in the Electoral College count. This is definitely not in the public interest, determines Trump.

Thinking back on Richard Nixon’s words, “If the president does it, that means it’s not illegal,” along with Dershowitz’ statement, Trump knows what he must do.

California has 55 Electoral College votes, which are certain to go to the Democratic challenger. By eliminating the massive liberal enclaves of San Francisco and Los Angeles, Trump believes he could turn the state’s vote in his favor. Meanwhile, hundreds of cases of the coronavirus are diagnosed in each city. This gives the president the opening he needs.

Trump orders a quarantine on both city’s residents — they may not leave their homes until after Nov. 3, Election Day, which Trump claims is pure coincidence.

But when the executive order is carried out “in the public interest,” it backfires on the president, with the other 49 states overwhelmingly voting him out of office.

Cut to:

Fall 2024: President Pete Buttigieg, fighting to be reelected and in a close battle with Republican nominee Nikki Haley, blatantly asks China to dig up some dirt on the former South Carolina governor, “for the good of the nation.” Republicans scream bloody murder at “President Pete,” saying he’s acting like a king. Whatever happened to our democracy?, they moan.

President Buttigieg tells them to check the mirror, and sends Vice President Andrew Yang to Beijing to dig up dirt to smear Haley, in exchange for a more favorable trade deal.

Republicans call for Buttigieg to be impeached for this blatant quid pro quo.

Buttigieg chuckles, adjusts his crown, and mockingly spits out two words.

“Witch hunt!”

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